Developing Winning Sponsorship Proposals and Generating Incremental Revenue 

May 5th – Calgary, Alberta – Colonel Baker Place (CNIB)
May 7th – Edmonton, Alberta – Percy Page Centre

This workshop is specifically designed for municipalities, and will be geared towards recreation and parks operators and management. As the recreation and parks world looks for alternate revenue channels beyond user fees and municipal operating funding, corporate sponsorship has become the #1 choice for supplemental income. But many organizations are failing to secure the dollars they are seeking. One of the reasons is due to poorly developed and presented sponsorship proposals.

This interactive workshop will be designed and delivered by Brent Barootes, President and CEO of the Partnership Group – Sponsorship SpecialistsTM and author of Canada’s bestselling book on sponsorship marketing Reality Check – Straight Talk about Sponsorship Marketing. The session will be fully interactive with role playing and collaborative facilitation. It will lead the participants from the point of the initial discovery session through to format presentation of a winning proposal. Learn the questions you need to ask prospective sponsors; understand the process and importance of discovery sessions; learn how to develop relationships to ensure long term commitments and of course the step by step process of what goes into the building of a modern day sponsorship proposal. Unless you have a closing rate of 80% or higher on your presentations, this is a must attend session. Learn how to ensure you will close almost every presentation you make!

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Workshop Details

10 am to 4 pm – includes lunch and coffee breaks
$299 – members (+GST)
$349 – nonmembers (+GST)