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Picture this...

It’s almost the new fiscal year, and your manager walks into your office. He tells you the city is starting a five-year review of the Recreation and Parks Master Plan.

You’re in the recreation department, and the high-level analysis for the Master Plan feels worlds away from your day-to-day duties.

Your manager tells you to include relevant data and recommendations in your reports for the city, but you don't have the time or resources to be tracking down the numbers.

As your office door closes, you think, "where do I even start?"

Welcome to the Excellence Series.

The Excellence Series is a suite of benchmarking and analytical data services that gives recreation and parks departments and organizations the power to:

  • Compare data to other communities across Alberta.
  • Inspire decision makers to invest in parks and recreation.
  • Manage facilities, programs, and staff more effectively and efficiently.
  • Discover new practices and strengthen capabilities.
  • Track performance and produce detailed reports in real-time.

The Excellence Series is a dynamic online platform, creating a go-to resource for the advocacy and implementation of recreation and parks.

The Excellence Series includes:

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