The Challenge

IN 2017, the June Play List were 30 hand-picked activities from the ParticipACTION 150 Play List to celebrate four Canada 150 themes! In week one it was diverse and inclusive activities, in week two we celebrated Indigenous games, in week three we tried activities that inspire youth and then finally time in nature! Check out "Background" below to read more about the themes. 

Check out ParticipACTION to see how the year went across the country with the 150 Play List. 

2017 Resources

June Play List Poster (11"x17")
June Play List Printable Calendar (8.5"x11")
June Play List Daily Social Media Images

Make sure to visit ParticipACTION's website and search the daily challenge to learn more about the activity and the equipment you may need!


Across the nation, Canada 150 is celebrating our country’s birthday through four key themes:

Diversity & Inclusion
We believe recreation and parks should be inclusive and accessible for all! This includes sports like sitting volleyball for those with limited accessibility, or tai chi and other activities originating outside of Canada. It’s important that all Canadians participate in recreation in a way that works for them.

Reconciliation between our Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples requires sustained public education, dialogue, and taking action! ARPA sees JRPM as one opportunity to foster this reconciliation by collectively engaging in traditional games and activities.

Engaging & Inspiring Youth
Young people are essential to creating an active Canada for the future! Let’s try a few sports and activities alongside our youth, instilling the love of recreation in the next generation.

Connecting with Nature
We want Albertans to experience and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, gaining a greater appreciation for the protection of our natural resources and environment.