Programs: Communities Choosewell : Guidelines


1. Register Your Community

What is a community?

One of the goals of Communities ChooseWell is to be an inclusive health promotion initiative in Alberta, and to reduce barriers to participation, both within communities and at a provincial level. As such, Communities ChooseWell has a loose definition of what defines a community. Currently, registered ‘communities’ include:

  • Municipalities
  • Community Leagues and Associations
  • First Nations Communities
  • Schools
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Municipal Districts and other defined geographic areas

However, registration is not limited to these communities. If you are interested in registering for the program, and are unsure if your ‘community’ fits, email us at and we will help you decide if the program would work with your community.

Who should register?

Anyone can register and represent their community for the Communities ChooseWell initiative. The ChooseWell initiative also has a wide variety of individuals representing these communities. ChooseWell leaders include Alberta Health Services employees, Family and Community Support Services staff, volunteers, teachers, municipal employees, fitness professionals, and plenty more. Once registered, you will receive correspondence and materials from ChooseWell and be the point of contact for your community. You can always change your community’s contact person later if you need to. 

2. Make a Plan

Once you are registered, we encourage you to engage other organizations and citizens in your community to create a plan to build a healthier community, and share your goals with us. If you need help getting started with this, please email or call us! Some groups you might consider talking to include the municipality (e.g. recreation, FCSS), schools, community agencies, Alberta Health Services, fitness clubs, neighbourhood associations, church groups, and many more.

3. Do it!

Get your plan off the ground! Whether you want to educate your community about healthy eating and active living, improve the menu choices at your rec centre, shape policy, or hold awesome events, get out there and make it happen. Don’t get discouraged if change doesn’t happen right away. Ask for feedback, evaluate your initiatives, be clear on your goals and have a plan, collaborate with others who are interested, and keep trying!

4. Share your Progress

We encourage you to share your progress throughout the year to be recognized for your effort and success, and to help other communities learn from your experience and awesome ideas! We’ll send out requests for community updates a few times throughout the year, but we love hearing from you anytime!