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Empowering Albertans to ChooseWell

This pilot e-learning module was developed to provide community leaders in Alberta with a rationale for action to be taken to improve the wellness of their community. It contains very relevant and timely information reflecting the value of creating opportunities for Albertans to make healthy choices.

The outline of this course will educate a variety of community leaders including municipal staff to community volunteers. After completing this five section course you will understand what health and health promotion are; how healthy we are as a society; the impacts of poor health on society and most importantly - the varied benefits that healthy eating, active living, recreation and parks have for individuals and communities.

The major learning objectives of the course include:

  • What health is and the fundamental things that affect personal health
  • How healthy Albertans are by examining common indicators of health
  • How poor health impacts Alberta
  • The broad benefits of good health and active living
  • The benefits of parks, recreation, and recreation facilities
  • The role that communities can play in the health of its citizens

This elearning module has five sections:

Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: How Healthy Are We?
Section 3: Impacts of Poor Health on Society
Section 4: The Good News
Section 5: Communities Help Albertans to ChooseWell

You may also download a PDF version of the full module here.

Good luck!